Tower House


Materials: cement, iron and reclaimed wood

The intervention dates back to 2006 and concerned the transformation into a home of a sixteenth-century building used as a laboratory. The building object of the intervention is located in the historical fabric of Bergamo, in front of the monastery of San Benedetto, a concrete example of 13th century architecture. The intervention was guided by the desire to restore existing materials, such as the wrought iron railing of the staircase, and combine them with new materials such as: cement, iron, reclaimed wood. 

The building develops vertically, with a central concrete staircase left exposed, on each floor each function has a different scenography. On the top floor there is a terrace, a place of great privacy, made even more magical by the setting of the monastery.

The taste for the construction detail is taken to the extreme,  each piece of furniture is uniquely designed as well as the iron and glass entrance door and the iron and wood mezzanine staircase.

Giardino Casa Torre Bergamo dell'Architetto Ferrari

The austerity of the materials chosen is illuminated by the works of Massimiliano Galliani, Fausto Bertasa, Michele Chiossi, representatives of Italian contemporary art. A photograph of Mario Giacomelli welcomes you at the entrance of the house”